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Introduction to the Building Efficiency Targeting Tool for Energy Retrofits (BETTER)

Energy Consumption Savings Summary

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On Wednesday July 15th at 11am PT, ERI Principal Eric Noller will join Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Johnson Controls, and other industry partners to present the beta release of the BETTER tool.

BETTER is an open-source, web-based tool which converts readily-available monthly energy data into recommended energy efficiency interventions. This live demonstration will include a discussion of features, use cases, analytical methodology, industry uptake, and future enhancements to the tool. BETTER is in beta version, with targeted final release in 2021.

ERI is currently analyzing and benchmarking a portfolio of over 450 state agency facilities to prioritize and streamline energy efficiency efforts utilizing BETTER. The tool helps identify savings potential among buildings, target specific energy savings opportunities, and select ideal buildings for performing detailed energy audits. This builds on nearly a decade of work that ERI has done with the state to perform remote data analytics, provide training to facility managers, perform detailed energy and cost reduction studies, and develop strategic implementation plans to perform upgrades and optimize controls for energy efficient operation.

By means of benchmarking with local weather data and performing built-in change point regression analyses, the easy-to-use, open source BETTER tool allows commercial, institutional and government building owners and managers to rapidly convert readily available monthly building energy consumption data into specific, recommendations for improvement. This analysis can be performed without the need for on-site audits or inspections, making it a valuable resource for energy efficiency professionals during the present COVID-19 crisis.

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