Brad Watterud Engineer in Training

ERI Engineer Brad Watterud Achieves Engineer in Training (EIT) Certification

ERI is proud to announce that our very own Brad Watterud has achieved Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Certification!

What is EIT, you ask? To be EIT certified, an individual must have college-level engineering education and/or engineering-related work experience totaling three years, as well as demonstrating knowledge of a broad cross-section of engineering concepts by passing the six-hour Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Certification as an EIT is the first step required under California law towards becoming licensed as a Professional Engineer.

What’s next for Brad? Professional Engineer (PE) licensure, of course! Once PE licensed, Brad will have proven what we at ERI already know, that he is an engineer of high competence and experience. You can tell that Brad is experienced just by looking at some of his recent projects:

  • Decarbonization planning for a world-leading streaming service company;
  • Energy assessments for a renowned film and television production company;
  • Retro-commissioning and building energy modeling for the Oregon headquarters campus of a worldwide athletic apparel company;
  • Sustainability planning for a major California Community College District;
  • Energy reduction studies for a prominent County in the Silicon Valley;

In California, a PE license requires a four-year engineering degree, two or years of progressive experience under a professional engineer, and a multidisciplinary understanding of physical and engineering principles as proven through a competency exam. Brad’s got all of the education and experience required, next up is passing the EIGHT HOUR PE EXAM (wow!) to obtain his license. Along with ERI, please wish Brad all the best as spends all his time in the near future studying for this monster of a test!

Brad Watterud