“ERI’s engineers were knowledgeable, experienced, and responsive for their cost-effective energy services provided to our portfolio. Their audits provided concise and actionable projects, which improved our properties’ sustainability and reduced operating costs. ERI has been essential in ensuring our properties comply with all State and Local energy ordinances to avoid any fines or penalties.”
Thank you!
Jason Smith, CPM, RPA, LEED® GA

“I’ve been working with ERI for the past few years. More specifically, Eric and Ethan have been great partners helping with discovering new projects that are needed as well as partnering with existing projects. Their professionalism and attention to detail are exceptional including the detail reports I receive. This is extremely helpful when you have to explain to different ownerships of commercial properties, projects that are beneficial and feasible to them. Thank you for all your hard work and keeping me on task when I get extremely busy. It’s much appreciated and I hope to do more projects with you in the future!”
Adwoa Dora
Chief Engineer
300 lakeside Drive, Oakland

ERI Engineering woman on location

“I highly recommend ERI as a program implementer. I have professionally known ERI’s Principal Eric Noller for over nine years. I have always known them to be extremely ethical, hardworking, and talented individuals who always strive to meet and exceed their client’s needs while providing services that are accurate and thorough, while routinely meeting or exceeding client expectations. At the heart of their work ethic is a can-do attitude and approach always making sure their clients are well served.”
Mark Johnson, Sustainability Unit Manager, State of California Public Agency

ERI engineering team on location

“ERI has been essential in helping us understand the technical aspects of the projects and navigate the requirements to apply for incentives. All of the work that they have done up to this point has been punctual, trustworthy and diligent. They have built good relationships with our local utility providers and we have been able to use their services at two of our three factories.”
Emma Ranz, Sustainability Engineer, Macro Plastics Inc.

“I would like to fully endorse ERI and their program implementation services. They have been easy to work with, professional, timely and very detail-oriented. Their engineering team has always presented technical excellence.”
Travis Nichols, Engineer, American Colloid

“ERI and their team members are an easy recommend as an A+ company.”
Travis Tanner, Regional Business Manager, Rocky Mountain Power
ERI engineering team on location

ERI engineering man on location
“In working with the ERI team on projects they have been professional, responsive, thorough, and customer-oriented. My customers appreciate the engineering expertise they bring, as well as their focus on aligning program offerings with individual business objectives.”
Ann Camperson, Strategic Account Manager, PG&E

“ERI provided excellent technical expertise with a “human” element to our customers. They are reliable and through with their work and their attention to detail was appreciated by utility staff and customers alike.”
Hallie Gallinger,
Energy Efficiency Project Manager
Pacific Power