Energy Efficient Data Centers

Energy Efficient Data Centers

Data centers can be extremely energy intensive. The server hardware in even a small data center will account for hundreds of kilowatts of demand. Not only that, but kilowatts of computer hardware generate kilowatts of heat, which then has to be cooled to keep the servers running. Energy efficient data centers can be developed from the ground up to minimize energy consumption. Data center cooling systems can be developed which circulate outside air underground, cooling it to 54°F without any mechanical cooling. Additionally, heat generated by servers can be redirected to heat other areas of the building in cooler months. A data center using these strategies in an ideal location can operate 24/7, and use only about 30 hours of mechanical cooling per year.

Though building (or rebuilding) a data center to use these “ground-up” efficiency strategies may be prohibitively expensive, they aren’t the only options for improving data center efficiency. Simply installing aisle containment in your data center can reduce fan energy consumption by 20-25%, and reduce cooling energy by up to 20%. Additionally, data centers are frequently overcooled. Based on current industry practice, data centers can be safely run with a cold aisle temperature of 75°F.

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Energy Efficient Data Centers:

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