California Time of Use Changes for Electrical Utilities

In California, a common electrical billing structure is Time-of-Use (TOU) which various the billing rates based on the time of the day, season, and weekends. Starting in November 2020, the CPUC has approved a change to the TOU schedule to adjust for the shift in the CA electrical grid resulting from a change to renewable sources and how consumers utilize energy. The current peak time (most expensive period) for TOU rate is noon to 6pm, Monday to Friday, from March to September. The new peak period is 4pm to 9pm for the peak period which extends through the entire year. Agricultural customers will also see a change of their TOU rates to a more simplified schedule of 5pm to 8pm peak period year-round with the remaining as off-peak period.

So what does this mean for customers? The change in the TOU structure will result in new billing rates for each State utility. Most utilities have a rate analysis tool that can be access through your online account or through a utility account representative. The following links will guide you to more information on the change in TOU periods and rates.