Washington State Clean Building Performance Standards

The Washington State Clean Building Performance Standards is leading the charge in promoting a sustainable and energy-efficient future for our communities. The initiative focuses on implementing stringent standards that guide building owners, developers, and stakeholders towards a cleaner environment and a healthier, more resilient state.
Washington State Clean Building Performance Standards

Compliance Guidelines for Building Owners

Energy Audits
Conduct comprehensive energy audits tailored to your building's square footage to assess current performance and identify efficiency opportunities. Fill out the form today to contact ERI for a quote.
Scaling Efficiency Upgrades
Implement energy-efficient upgrades based on your building's size, considering factors such as insulation, lighting, and HVAC systems to maximize impact.
Square Footage-Based Targets
Establish square footage-based energy consumption targets, ensuring that larger buildings contribute proportionately to overall energy efficiency goals.
Renewable Energy Integration
Explore and integrate renewable energy sources suitable for your building size, such as solar panels, to significantly reduce reliance on non-renewable energy.
Monitoring and Reporting
Develop systems for continuous monitoring of building performance, with reporting mechanisms that scale according to square footage for accurate compliance assessments.
Training and Certification
Ensure that building staff, especially for larger structures, are trained in energy-efficient practices and hold relevant certifications to uphold performance standards.
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How to Comply


Begin with a thorough energy audit to understand your building's current performance and identify areas for improvement. Use the form on the right side of the page to get a quote from ERI today!

Plan and Implement

Develop a comprehensive plan for efficiency upgrades, ensuring that improvements are aligned with the standards and tailored to your building's characteristics.

Renewable Integration

Explore renewable energy options suitable for your building size. Consider solar, wind, or other renewable sources to enhance sustainability.

Monitoring Systems

Implement real-time monitoring systems to track energy usage and ensure ongoing compliance. Regularly review and report performance metrics.

Staff Training

Invest in training programs for building staff to enhance awareness and skills in energy-efficient practices. Certification programs can validate expertise.

Regular Audits

Conduct periodic energy audits to assess ongoing compliance and identify opportunities for further improvements.

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