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It’s no secret that Americans are consuming more alcohol than ever before. With this in mind breweries, wineries, and distilleries are expanding production to keep up with the demand. By leveraging more sustainable practices during these times of expansion, facilities can saving money through efficient energy use yielding better results for everyone, from the Napa wine tasters to the Southern California kombucha flight drinkers and everyone in between.


Refrigeration, compressing, and packaging beer makes up the majority of the electrical energy use in the brewing industry, and finding ways to ensure that these processes are running at peak efficiency can yield both financial benefit and sustainable energy solutions. ERI has more than a decade of experience in optimizing these practices, reach out today and let us help improve your bottom line.


Making wine is a water and energy intensive process that can reap huge benefits from designing and implementing a sustainable and efficient wine making operation. Roughly 65% of a winery’s energy consumption comes from refrigeration and process equipment such as pumping and heating. Let ERI help you identify the best refrigerant types for your various winemaking processes, from Fermentation cooling to cold stabilization and cold storage, we can help reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions!