California Energy Design Assistance Program & Your Cannabis Facility

ERI is excited to announce our partnership with Willdan as we work together to facilitate the implementation of the California Energy Design Assistance Program (CEDA). The CEDA program, managed by Willdan, is the successor to the California Savings By Design energy efficiency program that many California based businesses are familiar with. In a nutshell the CEDA program is an energy efficiency resource for new construction projects for commercial, multi-family high-rise (4 stories and higher), public, agricultural and industrial customers serviced by any of the investor-owned utilities in California (PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas, or SDG&E).

No matter the industry you are in, you can leverage this program to take advantage of our high caliber engineering and design services free of charge! We offer a comprehensive energy analysis of your proposed systems and equipment. This includes everything from your mechanical HVAC & process systems to lighting and building envelope designs. After our energy engineers complete the analysis for your facility, our energy experts will propose a list of “measures” that will provide the best return on your investment. Our staff works with your design team to provide guidance and help select the measures that make the most sense for the project.

Whether by design or by accident, we know that in the past the cannabis industry is often an afterthought or all together left out when it comes to energy efficiency & incentive programs. We are pleased to announce that is not the case with the CEDA program! Willdan partnered with ERI to provide the cannabis industry with targeted solutions tailored to address your specific energy challenges. We at ERI are excited to bring this program into the cannabis market and assist with energy savings for new construction cannabis facilities! Our energy experts are happy to assist you with energy efficient and symbiotic designs for all types of cannabis facilities. From high tech hydroponic grows with advanced automation to greenhouses with supplemental lighting, we can help optimize your facility. Not only will you produce great yields of high-quality product, but you will reap the benefits of minimized utility costs too.

Contact us today to learn more about how your facility can benefit from the CEDA program! Make sure to contact us early in the design process to ensure eligibility and to get the most out of the program.

P.S. Did we mention that there may be cash incentives available to help offset the upfront costs of the high efficiency equipment and controls we recommend!? These incentives can cover up to 100% of the incremental cost of the efficiency improvements. In order to be eligible for cash incentives, we need to be involved before final design decisions are made.