California AB 802

California’s statewide Building Energy Benchmarking program was established by Assembly Bill 802, passed in 2015. AB 802 requires that “Disclosable Buildings” submit an Energy Star Benchmark report, due June 1 annually. Disclosable buildings are defined as:

  • Commercial buildings larger than 50,000 sq ft.
  • Residential or mixed-use buildings larger than 50,000 sqft, with more than 17 residential units.

Condominium projects are exempt from the benchmarking requirement. Buildings that consist of at least 50% laboratory or industrial use are also exempt. However, for the purposes of AB 802, warehousing and distribution centers are not considered industrial, and therefore must submit an annual benchmarking report.
Energy Resources Integration’s team of experienced energy professionals can assist you to meet California’s annual benchmarking requirement. Our team will create and submit all the necessary documentation to meet your benchmarking needs.

Local Exemptions to AB 802

A number of California localities have passed their own energy benchmarking regulations. Building owners in these localities are not required to submit a benchmarking to the state, but must instead comply with their local regulations. These local regulations generally have a similar annual benchmarking requirement to AB 802. They may require smaller buildings to comply with the annual benchmarking requirement, and some have additional requirements for periodic energy audits. Municipalities that allow for exemptions to AB 802 are as follows: