Berkeley Energy Savings Ordinance

The Berkeley Energy Saving Ordinance (BESO) is a regulatory framework designed to address energy efficiency in existing buildings within the city of Berkeley, California. BESO focuses on reducing carbon emissions by enhancing energy performance and sustainability in these structures.

Man in hardhat doing clean energy audit on a commercial building

Key Requirements Of the Ordinance

Energy Assessments

These are Mandated at Point of Sale or Transfer

Owners planning to sell or transfer residential and commercial buildings must conduct an energy assessment certified by a qualified energy assessor. The assessment provides an overview of the building's energy use and offers recommendations to improve efficiency. Sellers or transferors must provide the assessment report to buyers or transferees.

Annual Energy and Water Consumption Reporting

Owners of residential and commercial buildings are required to report annual energy and water consumption data to the City of Berkeley. This information helps track and analyze energy usage trends and environmental impacts.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Property owners are encouraged to implement energy efficiency improvements based on the energy assessment recommendations. While not obligatory, these upgrades aim to enhance overall building efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Man doing energy efficiency improvements

Who Must Comply?

BESO applies to both residential and non-residential buildings in Berkeley, encompassing various property types and sizes. The following criteria outline the scope:

Residential Buildings

Properties with four or fewer residential units.

Commercial Buildings

Non-residential structures, including offices, retail spaces, and others.

Notably, some properties are exempt from specific BESO requirements, such as newly constructed buildings, buildings undergoing substantial renovations, or buildings that have received specific energy efficiency certifications.

Compliance of commercial building

How Can Compliance be Achieved?

Property owners seeking compliance with BESO can follow these steps:

Energy Assessment

Engage a certified energy assessor to conduct an assessment meeting BESO guidelines.

Annual Reporting

Submit annual energy and water consumption data to the City of Berkeley as mandated.

Implement Efficiency Improvements

Consider implementing recommended energy efficiency measures to enhance building performance.

ERI Energy Assessments and Reporting

How Can ERI Help You?

ERI provides comprehensive support to property owners navigating BESO compliance:

Certified Energy Assessments

Our team is comprised qualified assessors and professional engineers (P.E.) who are equipped to conduct thorough energy assessments meeting BESO requirements.

Reporting Assistance

Our team can assist in compiling and submitting annual energy and water consumption reports to ensure compliance.

Efficiency Improvement Guidance

ERI offers guidance and recommendations for implementing energy efficiency measures to improve building performance and meet BESO objectives.