Local Law Compliance

San Francisco Commercial Building Ordinance

San Francisco recently enacted Ordinance #17-11, the Commercial Building Energy Performance Ordinance, which requires commercial buildings to:

  • annually submit energy usage data (benchmark)
  • every 5 years conduct an energy audit and/or retro-commissioning activity

ERI can help you turn this requirement into a benefit to your bottom line. We will work closely with your team to identify cash flow positive upgrades to your building and identify resources to implement them.

Ordinance Deadlines


October 1, 2011: 50,000+ sqft
April 1, 2012: 25,000+ sqft
April 1, 2013: 10,000+ sqft
April 1, 2014 to 2019: 10,000 + sqft (With Public Disclosure)
July 1, 2019: Residential Buildings 50,000+ sqft
April 1, 2020 & beyond: 10,000 sqft Non- Residental buildings & 50,000+ sqft Resisdential Buildings (With Public Disclosure)

Energy Audit

November 15, 2012: 1/3 of required buildings
April 1, 2013: 2/3 of required buildings
April 1, 2014: All remaining required buildings

Energy Audit Requirements

50,000+ sqft: ASHRAE Level II – An “intermediate” survey and energy analysis
10,000 to 49,999 sqft: ASHRAE Level I – A basic energy analysis

Municipal Ordinances for Commercial Buildings

San Francisco ECBO
Berkeley BESO Compliance
Berkeley BESO Compliance
California AB802
Salt Lake City “Elevate Buildings”
Portland Energy Reporting
Los Angeles EBEWE

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