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Obtaining a professionally performed energy audit is the crucial first step to a holistic approach of cost management for the operation of building, campus, or facility. Energy Resources Integration performs comprehensive energy audits which are tailored to each customer’s {link to customer page} needs. We focus on identifying methods to reach over-arching goals, such as:

reducing the energy spend 
reducing the energy usage
mitigating the carbon footprint
improving the building performance
identifying operational and maintenance enhancements
improving tenant satisfaction, operational and/or manufacturing conditions

We can also focus on specific goals and conduct a targeted assessment.

Each energy audit begins with a discussion to assess the owner’s and/or manager’s needs, and a conversation to understand the facility’s operation and identify any crucial areas. Then a detailed technical evaluation of the site and its energy consuming equipment is performed. After a discussion with key stakeholders of the potential no-cost, low-cost, and capital-intensive energy conservation measures, ERI professionals develop an audit report with a detailed description of the recommendations and their evaluation.

The engineers at ERI have performed hundreds of energy audits for all types and sizes of facilities.  We take pride in helping our clients identify and implement cost effective energy solutions.